Manly was found starving outside our building years ago before Clarify Counseling moved into 14 Manly St (can you guess why he's named Manly?).  The owner of our building, Marie, had to trap little Manly kitten in order to save his life!  The vet said he would have died of starvation within 24 hours without her help.  Manly was destined to be feral, but Marie spent time each day luring him to her with food. Eventually, he tried petting & LOVED it. Now he is the king at 14 Manly St. Each afternoon, he likes to hold court in our lobby allowing his loyal subjects to come love on him. Conroy is both wary & curious about Manly, but he knows Manly is in charge.  Due to allergy concerns, none of the therapists at Clarify Counseling allow Manly into their private offices.  We also do not allow Manly to participate in our skills classes or enter our skills classroom.